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Use of aluminum wire drawing machine
Oct 29, 2018

After selecting and matching the die of wire drawing machine, according to the requirement of die piercing, the diameter of aluminum wire should be reduced so that the die can be pierced smoothly. After piercing the film, the wire head is inserted into the wire drawing pliers, the die is pressed into the wire base of the first No. 1 wire drawing machine, and the other end of the wire rope is hung on the small hole of the wire drawing pot, and the foot step switch is moved to make the wire drawing. Silk pot passes. After several turns of wire drawing, remove the lead clamp, and then start the No. 1 machine, so that the No. 1 machine wire drawing pot on more than half of the wire drawing semi-finished products, and then the aluminum wire head through the lifting wheel, the wire wheel into the No. 2 machine.

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