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Wire Rod Breakdown Machine

Wire Rod Breakdown Machine

Rod-wire drawing is the first phase of the manufacturing process for wire, strands and conductors of all types....

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LISTRONG-13D/350 wire rod breakdown machine

Rod-wire drawing is the first phase of the manufacturing process for wire, strands and conductors of all types. Because of rapidly increasing demands on technology, the demands on the properties of wire and accordingly of wire-drawing machines are also on the increase. Ever smaller diameters, top quality and the highest level of precision are required.

Backed by rich experience and expertise, LISTRONG is reckoned as leading manufacturer of highly durable range of rod break down machine, intermediate wire drawing machine fine wire drawing machine and multi wire annealing machine etc.

Application: The LISTRONG-13D/350 wire rod breakdown machine is suitable for drawing copper rod from inlet dia. 4mm/max to outlet dia. 1mm/min.

The wire rod breakdown machine 13 Die medium high speed wire drawing machine is developed and design based on sophisticated technology abroad. The transmission part of the main machine applied the high precision sturdy helical gear; the gear is using high precise grinding craft, which ensure the high precision and low noise of the machine.


Model: LISTRONG- 13D/350 wire rod breakdown machine

Serial No.




Max. drawing time



Reduction ratio



Max diameter of capstan



Fixed speed capstan dia.



Drawing capstan

Tungsten carbide coated


Main machine power

75KW, Transmission by C# V belt



By gear


Drawing lubrication

Half immersing type


Drawing method

4 shafts horizontal arrangement


Q: Advantages of the LISTRONG- 13D/350 wire rod breakdown machine?

A: The wire rod breakdown machine is developed and designed based on latest sophisticated technology. The transmission system of the main machine applied the high precision sturdy helical gear, ensures the high precision and low noise of the machine. Completely immersed cooling ensures the sufficient lubrication of drawing dies, which not only help to get good surface of wire, but also prolong working life of the drawing dies and capstans. The drawing capstan and fix speed capstans are tungsten coated. Wire rod breakdown machine speed is reduced by the gearbox. The composition of the gearbox and base are using casting parts, force lubricates oil cool method and low pressure protection which guarantees safe operation and high speed movement.

Q: Production process of cable and wire?

A: The basic structure of wire and cable is generally composed of three parts: conductor core, insulation layer and protective layer. In order to complete the combination of three parts, the manufacturing process of plastic insulated wire and cable is as follows:

1. Conductor wire drawing

Wire drawing is the first process of wire and cable production. Conductor is pulled to smaller cross section through a series of drawing dies.

2. Single wire annealing

The conductor is heated to a certain temperature and recrystallized to improve the toughness and reduce the strength so as to meet the requirements of the electric conductor for the cable. The key of annealing is to prevent the oxidation of wire.

3. Stranding

In order to improve the softness of wires and cables and facilitate for laying and installation, the conductor core is made of multiple single strands. According to the hinge form of the conductor, it can be divided into regular and irregular stranding. Irregular hinge can be divided into bundle, concentric compound hinge, special twist and so on. In order to reduce the occupation area of conductor and reduce the geometric size of the cable, the compact form is adopted while the conductor is twisted to make the normal circle change into a semicircle, a fan, a tile and a tight circle. This kind of conductor is mainly used in power cable.

4. Insulation extrusion

Plastic insulated wires and cables are mainly made of extruded solid insulation layer. Main technical requirements for plastic insulation extrusion are as follows: (1) Eccentricity degree of: the deviation value of the extruded insulation thickness is an important mark reflecting the extrusion process level. Most product structure sizes and their deviation values are clearly specified in the standard. (2) Smoothness: the surface of the extruded insulation layer should be smooth, no quality problem such as burning or impurities. (3) Density: the cross section of the extruding insulation layer should be compact and strong, no visible pinhole and no bubble.

5. Cable forming

To guarantee the forming of the multi-core cable and reduce the appearance of the cable, it generally needs to be twisted into a circular. The mechanism of cabling is similar to that of conductor stranding. Most cables are completed at the same time with two other processes: one is filling, which ensures it is round and stable after forming,

6. Inner protective layer

In order to protect the insulation core from being scratched by armor, the insulation layer needs to be properly protected. Interior protection layer including extruding production layer (isolation sheath) and wrapping protection layer (cushion layer). Wrapping cushion layer replace the tie belt is performed synchronously with the cable forming process.

7. Armoring

The inner steel tape armored structure can be installed in the underground cable. Cable laying in both positive pressure action and tension action (such as water, vertical shaft or soil with large drop), should be selected with internal steel wire armored structure.

8. Outer sheath

The outer sheath is the part of the structure that protects the insulation layer of wires and cables against environmental erosion. The main function of the outer sheath is to improve the mechanical strength of the cable, prevent chemical corrosion, moisture, water and flame retarding. Plastic sheath is extruded for wire / cable according to the different production requirements.

Q: What differentiates LISTRONG from other manufacturers?

A: 1. Mechanical elements which are more robust, solid, reliable and stronger in construction

2. Machines and installations with easy operation and maintenance

3. Resistance to wear and tear – designed for a long product life

4. Higher productivity and energy-saving.


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